‘Soothing Sea’ is produced by the clinic in small batches by bringing together pure Dead Sea salt from Israel and sustainably harvested wild Welsh seaweed. Natural essential oil of Eucalyptus-Lemon is added and the seaweed is treated with care to retain its healing properties and included as flakes into the bath salts. The result is a product free from any additives that is completely organic and natural which can detox and effectively treat skin conditions, tense muscles and improve circulation .  This is quite different other products that chemically treat and kiln dry seaweed and is a time consuming and complex process but our approach retains the goodness of the seaweed and the natural feel and smell.
At Soothing Sea® we are passionate about the sustainability of our wild Welsh sea weed harvesting. We do not engage in - and oppose- any activity, such as the usual mechanical harvesting, that we believe damages the integrity of seaweed and the marine ecosystem. Our product is manfuactured locally and sustainably. 
The benefits of wild seaweed  includes hydrating the skin, amino acids and vitamin E which is mixed carefully with Dead Sea Salt which also has benefits for skin including soothing skin. ( The National Psoriasis Foundation recommends Dead Sea Salt for skin treatment for psoriasis, hydration and inflammation).  Diluted Eucalyptus oil also benefits the skin with antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory properties.     
I have found that our natural Soothing Sea product has been helpful to many of my patients with skin problems even when other products have not helped and has also been beneficial for those just wishing to give their skin a treat.  See lable for full details. 
Only available at the Hoole Acupuncture Clinic. Ask at the clinic for details. Can be posted if stocks available.